fiction, flash fiction, science theory, science fiction, creative nonfiction

Black Leather Journal publishes magic.

If it’s art, be it fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, visual, digital, collaboration, etc., and it has the je ne sais pas quoi that excites, we want it.

We may publish your work on the web, in print, or set up a live show or reading. Creating the ideal presentation for each piece is part of our commitment as curator.

As an artist working with us, you’ll have the audience and resources to spread your vision, and you can collaborate with us to the extent you like.

This is a new form of publishing, but also a very old one, as it developed out of the artists’ salons of 1920s in Paris, France, where multiple types of art developed and were curated side by side. Is your piece unfinished?

Are you looking to be published but need feedback? We do that, too. We will walk you through each step of the process, ultimately resulting in a unique, affecting piece of art that we’d spread into the world with Black Leather Journal.

Black Leather Journal has partnered with both Light Rain Books and Atelier du Sorcier. Through the "Workshop" we will be hosting an artist and authors salon and reading in May of 2023 in Sarlat, France.

Light Rain Books seeks emerging authors for an exciting project offering "flash books" and anthologies through vending machines in airports. Look for our premier machine in the SeaTac airport fall of 2023.